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Twin towns and sister cities

Located in west Germany, in the land of North Rhine-Westphalia, near Cologne. A city with rich history and traditions going back to the seventeenth century, and yet very young as it has existed in the contemporary form and boundaries only since 1975. It was then that Bergisch Gladbach merged with the neighbouring Bensberg into the same city. Bergisch Gladbach has a well-developed textile, metallurgical and paper industry, with paper manufactured in Bergisch Gladbach for several hundred years.
Area: 83 km2
Population: 110 000

A town situated in the North of Germany (Schleswig-Holstein), on Segeberg Lake, near Lübeck, Kiel and Hamburg. The oldest mentions about Klein Rönnau date back to 1150. In the past this was a truly agricultural town, today the inhabitants are preoccupied primarily with trade and services, and also tourism.
Area: 453 ha
Population: 1450

Kaštelanjska Rivera stretches from Trogir to Split (Dalmatia). This region, with its Mediterranean climate, picturesque landscape and unique beauty of nature has attracted people for centuries.
In the past – an ancient Greek harbour, a resting place for Roman troops and summer seat of kings; today Kaštela is a holiday resort drawing thousands of tourists. Kaštela is composed of 7 settlements which developed round the castle constructed at the turn of 16th century. These are Kaštel Štafilić, Kaštel Novi, Kaštel Stari, Kaštel Lukšić, Kaštel Gomilica, Kaštel Sućurac and Kaštel Kambelovac. Kaštela has a well-developed agriculture (orchards, vineyards and vegetable gardens), fishery and tourism.
The close neighbourhood of the harbour in Split is important, either.
Area: 200 km2
Population: 40 000

Holešov – a town in Czech Republic, in the Zlin Region. Holešov lies at the intersection of two historical routes – from the Danube along the Morava valley to Opava (part of the Amber Road) and from the White Carpathians to Přerov. The oldest mention of the town dates back to 1134. In 1850-1960, Holešov was the seat of the poviat authorities and the court. Since 2002 Holešov has been the centre of the gmina district and of Holešovsko Microregion.
Area: 3 396 ha
Population: about 12.5 thousand