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About Pszczyna

Geographical location of Pszczyna
The medieval settlement of Pszczyna was founded on the merchants’ route leading from Krakow to Silesia and further on through Cieszyn to South Europe.

Today, Pszczyna also benefits from its advantageous location. The town lies at the junction of Katowice-Bielsko-Cieszyn route (national road no. 1) and Oświęcim-Rybnik, between the Upper Silesian Industrial Region and the Beskidy Mountains. One-hour drive is enough to reach one of the two airports (Pyrzowice or Balice), and half-an-hour drive – to reach Czech Cieszyn.

The land is hilly, originating from glacial moraine deposits (of bottom and partially end moraine), elevated 200-300 m above sea level. It covers the south-west part of the Silesian Uplands and the western part of Oświęcimsko-Raciborska Valley. It is an agricultural region (with almost 20 000 ha of arable grounds), with significant forested areas in its northern part (over 14 000 ha), known for abundant wild game for centuries.

Together with 12 surrounding villages, it makes a gmina district with 174 km² and 50 thousand inhabitants (including the town of Pszczyna with 27 thousand).

Pszczyna – the poviat of Pszczyna – the Silesian Voivodeship