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Tourist atrractions

Not wihout reason is Pszczyna included to the most beautiful towns of southern Poland. This unique town has attracted tourists for years, enchanting them with a picturesque scenery, inimitable atmosphere and rich history, dating back to the beginnings of Piast Poland. The greatest tourist attraction is the Castle Museum, a former princes’ castle, considered one of the most magnificent palace and park complexes in Poland. The historical Park of Pszczyna covers the area of 156 ha, including the Castle Park, Dworcowy Park near the railway station as well as Wild Promenade. Within the Castle Park, among the river pools and abundant old tree stands there are numerous historic buildings and landscaping elements (Ludwikówka mansion, tea pavilion on the island, Chinese gate, ice cellar, shrines and arch bridges). In the Dworcowy Park there is an open-air museum called Zagroda Wsi Pszczyńskiej, while a large part of the Wild Promenade is occupied with a well-kept golf course and the Bison Centre. In the immediate vicinity of the Castle Museum and the park there is the Old Town, with the layout dating back to the Middle Ages. To the market square surrounded with tenement houses, town hall and churches there lead narrow charming streets, including the main pedestrian precinct of Pszczyna, that is Piastowska Street, ending with the Silesian Press Museum. The market square of Pszczyna is vibrant with life throughout the whole year – in summer you may drink good coffee here, and in winter buy some souvenirs at the Christmas Fair or skate on the artificial skating rink.

Museums in Pszczyna:



  • ul. Piastowska 26, phone: 32 210 22 13
  • Exhibitions illustrating the history of Silesian press and of printing in Silesia.


  • ul. Piastowska 26, phone: 32 210 22 13
  • Presentation of old musical instruments, concert hall of early music.


  • Park Dworcowy - ul. Parkowa, phone 32 212 99 99
  • Presentation of the most precious historical wooden farm buildings in the land of Pszczyna.