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Pszczyna may easily surprise with lavish cultural life. It has long had several centres whose resilient activity has been possible thanks to local hotheads and enthusiasts willing to retain at least some of the former splendour enjoyed by this historical cultural centre, namely the seat of von Pless princes, exuding all over the entire region. The most important institutions include Pszczyna Community Centre, Municipal Public Library, Castle Museum, Silesian Press Library, Izba u Telemanna, “13” club and gallery, as well as Bugsy’s Jazz Club.

The town has its own local papers – “Głos Pszczyński”, “Gazeta Pszczyńska” and Pszczyński Przegląd “Forum”.
Pszczyna holds many cyclic cultural events with loyal fans all over Poland. Some of them are appreciated also internationally.

The most important of them include undoubtedly “Evenings with Telemann” – baroque music concerts, familiarising among others the works of Georg Philippe Telemann, which are held in the Mirror Room of the castle. The Castle Museum was awarded a special prize by authorities of Magdeburg, Telemann’s birth place, for popularizing the works of this composer.

“Spotkania pod Brzymem”, a June folk festival, has an over 300-year-old tradition. Several tens folk bands and groups from the entire region take part in it. For a couple of years also the so-called “Mały Brzym” takes place, that is, presentations of children regional groups.

One of the greatest open-air events is Wielki Piknik Pszczyński called “Regions of Europe and the World”, organised in June.
“Dni Pszczyny”, taking place at the last but one weekend of August, abound in numerous fascinating events in the park and on the market square, such as Festiwal Pszczyńskich Maszketów “Chochla”,  Konkurs Sygnalistów Myśliwskich “O róg Księcia Pszczyńskiego”, exhibition in “13” gallery, young bands’ concerts, concerts of stars and also numerous sports competitions.

On Sunday afternoons, from May to August, there are Pszczyna Open-air Concerts organised in the inimitable scenery of the Castle Park, while in September the stage is handed over to amateur young bands, competing within the contest called “Żubrowisko”.
In October Pszczyna invites to “Spotkania z kulturą żydowską”, presenting Jewish culture, which has been held since 2004 within the project called “Discovered Site. Jewish Cemetery in Pszczyna”.

Yet another event, namely the Chamber Music Festival called “Musica da Chiesa” is organised in November by Pszczyńskie Towarzystwo Muzyczne “Con fuoco”, at the weekend closest to the day of music patron saint, St. Cecilia (22nd November). There are numerous chamber music concerts organized in the historical churches of Pszczyna.

The town and poviat has several choirs and musical groups.
The oldest one is “Lutnia” Coeducational Choir which has performed since 1907, the longest in Silesia. Thanks to its long tradition, rich history and versatile repertoire, ranging from classical, through religious and popular, to folk music, it is invited to numerous events.
Pszczyński Zespół Kameralny “Con fuoco” was created in October 1991. It has performed music originating in various epochs, from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. In the course of its activity lasting several years, the group has played multiple concerts, including abroad, participated in competitions and festivals, and also issued two CDs.

The hunting traditions are cultivated by Zespół Sygnalistów Myśliwskich “Echo Pszczyny”. This is the town’s showpiece, one of the few such groups in South Poland. Its repertoire is composed of hunting signals and music. The group performs both the works of composers living in the times of the princes of Pszczyna, and contemporary works, belonging to the little known in Poland, but still alive hunting music current.

A separate position is taken by the region’s folklore. Folk culture is still alive here thanks to the inhabitants of the land of Pszczyna who are so proud of their tradition. Regional groups join those who recreate and popularise folklore of their land. There are 13 such groups in Pszczyna itself, including 3 children ones. The oldest and most appreciated one is Zespół Regionalny “Pszczyna”, which had its 50th anniversary in 2010. The song bands include “Czarkowianki”, “Jankowiczanki”, “Brzeźczanki”, “Wiślanki”, “Studzieńczanki” and “Dolanie z Łąki”. There is also Zespół Obrzędowy “Pioskowanie” and Zespół Pieśni i Tańca “Rudołtowice”. “Małe Jankowianki”, “Mali Czarkowianie” and “Mali Studzieńczanie” are children groups.
Pszczyna has also Kurkowe Bractwo Strzeleckie (Markmanship Guild) which was reactivated in 1992. The fellowship cultivates traditions related to shaping and developing appropriate citizen attitudes and cooperates while organizing cultural and patriotic events.