przesuń do początku strony

Bison Centre

No more than several hundred meters off Pszczyna Old Town you may encounter a bison. You must only visit the Bison Centre created within the historical park in the part called “Bestiary”. The area of almost 10 hectares houses two enclosures together with the infrastructure, among others feeders, quarantine enclosure and fodder warehouses. The animals may be watched from a special platform which may be entered by the disabled by lift. In the enclosure, beside bison, you may also admire mouflon, deer, fallow deer and roe deer. Visiting the exhibitions in the education building, you may learn about flora and fauna of the land of Pszczyna. A 3D film devoted to bison will ensure unforgettable experience. It is also worth visiting the Tourist Information Centre offering a wide range of publications and souvenirs related to the land of Pszczyna.